Bear Assembly

The following pictures and text document the final assembly of the Shoot the Bear. Most of the disassembly, cleaning, repairing broken parts, and assembly of major modules has already been done. All the parts are clean and are in tested and working condition. There are four sections, including this one. Later I will add how to assemble the various modules, including the amplifier, score and shot count steppers, bear, dog, and track.

Door Assembly

The lock strike is screwed to the door. Often these are bent and poorly adjusted. The lock needs to grab the tang. There are alignement problems both up and down as well as sideways. The claw from the lock needs to be bent or you can slot the holes of the strike.

The original bullseye was taped into position in order to hold it to the score and ratings glass. Note the front glass and scenery have been placed in the window and held in place by the wood strips. Use new screws as the heads of the old will strip, making removal in the future difficult.

The score and rating light bars have been added and hold the score glass in place. The hinges, and cable ties are attached as well. Note the upper bar has a cardboard flap that shields the interior cabinet lights from shining through the lamp socket holes. Make sure the lamp dividers, small cardboard pieces, are all located correctly in the bar slots. Note also the white lamp holder strips are not symetrical and need to be located correctly.

The front plug has a red dot on it as does the front socket for the plug on the amplifier. The plugs can be plugged into the wrong socket as the key pin is in a symetrical position.

The door can now be mounted to the cabinet and the game is complete.

Cabinet Assembly

The cabinet is assembled, including the track, amplifier, and growler.

Gun Stand Assembly

The gun stand assembly covers the internal wiring, coin slides, switches, legs, instruction plaque, and credit unit.

Gun Assembly

The gun assembly shows the trigger plate, lamp holder, barrel, gun cover, and wiring are added.