Cleaning the Second Score Wheel, 100,000 Unit

dirty step up

This is a dirty step up unit or score unit that keeps track of the 100,000 units. The drive coil steps up 100,000 for each step.

dirty finger

The back of the score unit has a series of contacts. The fingers are attached to the ratchet wheel and turn as the unit steps up. Each contact will energize one of the lights in the backglass to show the increment in score. This unit is particularly dirty and I used a flash to make sure the dust shows.

clean step mechanism from pinball

Here is the step up unit after cleaning.

schematic drawing of step up mechanism from pinball

This is a drawing of the parts for the step up unit. It appeared originally in a Gottlieb Pinball Company parts manual and has been relabled to show the names of the various parts.

This video explains the various functions of the step up unit.

reset finger from pinball mechanism

The reset arm locks out both ratchets when the reset solenoid is enertized.

springs in step up mechanism

Springs! Do not forget to lubricate the places where the springs attach to the posts and levers. That movement is sufficient to wear through the spring if sufficient grit is embedded in the join.

detail of step up mechanism