Clean Score Unit and New Labels

dirty step up

This is the last step up unit that needs to be cleaned, the 10,000.  It is also the most filthy of all the units.

dirty finger

There were two relays on the score board used for reset and replay.  The one relay locks.  All were basically clean and adjusted properly.

clean step mechanism from pinball

The leaf switch on the 10,000 step up unit was worn through by the insulation disc on the step up ratchet arm.  I replaced the broken part using Twix solder, a low temperature but high strength metal to attach the extension to the original contact.  This is a good example why the contact surfaces need to be clean.  Lubrication attracts grit which then acts like a sandpaper to wear through metal.

Notice the blank at the start of the line ending with "impulse".  I was unable to read what the rest of the wording is on the original.  This was the only label on this board that I had difficulty deciphering.

schematic drawing of step up mechanism from pinball

I scanned in the old labels and used Photoshop to recreate them.  I printed them on scrap booking paper that had a slight brown cast to the paper.  In some cases the wording was destroyed when removing the old.  So partial scans plus original pictures were used to get them right.  The picture above shows the finished board with labels installed.  I can supply the labels in Photoshop or pdf format if you need a copy.

The yellow paper on the wire to the replay step up unit indicates a note about how to adjust the zero position on the contacts.  I am not sure how it is supposed to be as there are three wires and could be two positions that need adjusting.

The yellow tag at the bottom left indicates where the new power cord is attached.  The old literally crumbled leaving bare wire.  The game would need to be destroyed if they used the rubber insulated wire through out.  Happily cloth insulation lasts a long time.

reset finger from pinball mechanism

This is the bottom of the playfield.  The playfield weighs a lot because of all the relays and solenoids.

springs in step up mechanism

This is the playfield layout.  Happily all the correct bumper caps are available although the support and contact structure of the bumper is melted and distorted.  The layout is different from the game in the Internet Pinball Database.  I will get Lynne started on touching up the playfield.  I am not sure if I will clear coat it or the backglass. 

I also found out the side of the playfield box is painted over in green.  I may try to uncover the original graphics using a trick like Goof Off or I may decide to just leave the game as it is.  Were this to be a classic wedge head or a game that is fun to play, I might put the effort into restoring the cabinet.  However this game may not be fun and so will just be restored mechanically and the cosmetics of the playfield cleaned up a bit.