Playfield Touch Up, Backglasss Groove, Clear

dirty reset bank

I realize there was a significant amount of time since the last entry.  The touch up was performed by my wife, Lynne, and takes time.  She is masterful in the way she matches color.  Her hand is also more steady than mine now and her eyes are better.  Next she will work on the back side of the backglass.  This is even more difficult since you are painting on glass and in a few places, the light must transmit the same way as the original artwork.

The playfield will be touched up.  Normally the ball wears grooves in the surface along the top of the arch. Balls also wear a path when they get kicked out of a capture hole.  The ball gets lofted and then crashes down on the painted surface.  As the eject mechanism wears, it provides a different loft and the wear spot gets elongated.  Not the number two hole and the red area where it says "Advance". 

wear in front of capture hole

I have emphasized the color adjustment so the wear area shows.  The red, then white of the "positions", the last zero in the 60,000, and the yellow and green areas were all touched up.  The black outline was redone with an alcohol black pen.  One the area is clear coated with a hard surface like polyurethane it will slow the wear.

mounting the score board

The score board mounts in the head unit using three screws from the outside into the edge.  The wood has warped and the backglass was very difficult to remove.  Here you can see the black groove between the light board and the red frame. There is plenty of clearance at the top but it narrows at the bottom.  I re drilled the mounting holes in order to provide even clearance and to keep the score board away from the fragile backglass.

mounting screws

This is one of the mounting screws.   You can see the clearance close as the groove for the backglass goes towards the bottom of the frame.