Never Know What You Are Going to Find

I never know what I am going to find when disassembling a game.  What caused it to be taken out of service, how was it maintained, and what did the dreaded previous owner do?

Here is an image of the coin head, with a row of coin acceptors or slug rejectors.  This was at one end of the coin head and the second picture was at the other end.

antique auto
antique auto

I thought it was creative, how the slit was just added with glue and the hole cut out for the relay.  The coin would be accepted inspite of the position of the relay.  As a side note, the other coin acceptors had the relay tang flipped over so none of the coin slots would be able to reject a coin!

Here is what should be placed in those two positions, the old style ABT coin acceptor or slug rejector.  Note the slot in the back that allows the relay to reject a nickel even if it was the correct denomination.

coin acceptor by ABT
coin acceptor ABT