Pikes Peak

Pikes Peak climber

This is a Pikes Peak climber. The object is to take a ball from the bottom ramp to the top by rotating the black knob back and forth.

There were coins jammed in the coin slot and the levers that prevent cheating were bent out of adjustment. I repaired the levers and sourced a bronze ball to distinguish a special ball from the other chrome ones.

I am still working on changing the score numbers from white to yellow as they were in the original.

One of the more interesting changes I made to the game was way the top bolts to the base. Normally there are four long bolts that go up from the bottom into the top casting. Since these are unscrewed and screwed each time the game is serviced, there is a possibility of cross threading one and destroying the threads in the top. I cut threaded rod the correct length and placed the rods in the top casting. Then the top can be carefully lowered onto the game and regular nuts used to hold the base to the top. The top casting is no longer at risk of having the threads stripped.