Gottlieb, 1940

This is not the Gottlieb 1965 version of Paradise! It has no flippers!

This game has not been restored and is as found over 20 years ago.

The backglass is color on silvered mirror and one of the most beautiful I have ever seen. The peacock is perfect and the feathers hide the various scores. Unfortunately the beauty of the backglass led to this games undoing.

The cabinet is in exceptional condition with bright colors.

The shooter and door are original. The legs are period correct but are not original. They are from an early bingo.

The bumper caps are missing.

The previous owner did not like pinball machines but thought the head would make a nice picture on the wall. He removed all the electronics. Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on your perspective, there is a two inch thick piece of wood with holes drilled in it for each feather segment. This prevented the box from lighting up completely. The stepper and wiring inside the head are missing. I have not been able to find a wiring diagram so this game will take some detective work to get running again. I have priced it roughly at the cost of a backglass, figuring the game is useful for parts.


gottlieb paradise 1940 playfield
Gottlieb Paradise 1940 backglass Gottlieb logo 1940 Paradise left Paradise front Paradise right Paradise inside Paradise bottom inside head of Paradise