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Pinball Books


Pinball by Colmer

Pinball, An Illustrated History by Michael Colmer: New York New American Library 1976. Softcover. First American Edition. First Printing. A Full color history of the pinball machine. The book is filled with color as well as black & white photos of early advertisments spanning 50 yrs. There is also an index of the various machines. 120 pages. Quarto. Printed on flat paper, not glossy. Softcover, good condition. $30

Pinball Portfolio by McKeown

Pinball Portfolio by Harry McKeown: Secaucus NJ: Chartwell Books, 1976. Hard Cover. 35.0 x 25.0cms, 160pp, Color Illusts. This book has chapters on 'the beginning & early developments'; 'the final phase'; 'the legal dilemma'; 'the designers'; 'classic machines'; playing piball'; 'pinball paraphanalia'. it covers style, design, artwork, play-systems, and the artist-designers who have made the machines. In excellent condition. $40

Slot Machines and Coin-Op Games

Slot Machines and Coin-op Games: Collector's Guide to One-armed Bandits and Amusement Machines by Bill Kurtz: Chartwell Books, 1991. Includes dust jacket. $15 or free to second purchase of one of the above books.

The Complete Pinball Book

The Complete Pinball Book by Marco Rossignoli: Game and its History by Marco Rossignoli. NEW for 2000 by Schiffer. Fantastic book (everyone who has seen it says so!!) tells detailed history of pinball games from 1930s to 1990s - including evolution of all sorts of game features - from flippers and bumpers to sound, scoring and hit mechanisms. 256 pp., 8-1/2x11", hardcover w/dj, book cover. Listing over 3,000 games built to date - statistics- pricint info., and over 900 full color photographs including close-ups, flyers, images of rare prototypes, and games never before seen in print. $50


Pinball by the Deutsches Museum (translated by Goddard): 1994 Tiger. This is the story of the pinball machine, mainly in photographs, Pinball machines can trace their ancestry back ot the time-honoured game of bagatelle, but are a direct descendant of a game devised in the United States by Montagu Redgrave in 1971. First English Language edition. 12x9.5. 78pp. colour photos throughout text. $20

Collectors' Carrousel

Collectors' Carrousel covering Sotheby's York Avenue Galleries December 4 through December 6, 1980. Includes gambling games, toys, music boxes and dolls. $10 or free to first order of above books