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Michelle Droettboom, Art and Classes

As you will see as you explore my gallery of paintings, my style of painting is loose, "wet", and constantly changing.  I love the feeling of dropping paint into the wet paper and allowing what happens to take me to the next step in a very dynamic way.  Watercolor moves around and does the unexpected.  You have to make fast decisions and sometimes even be courageous as you add a touch of a deep, bold color to a very delicate painting.  Have you ever painted a perfect leaf and then had to figure out how you did that?  That is the journey of painting for me…to be free enough to experiment, and then to figure out "how you did that" so you can capture that same feeling when and where you want it. 

Most of my paintings are representational in some way, but I have an enthusiastic interest in experimentation and how shapes and colors interact.  I am getting an itch to move into other water-based media, so watch as I dive into acrylics and inks in the near future.  Of course every time I say that I find something else that I just have to try in watercolor.  It is my first love and I always come back to it.

Please send me notes and comments after your visit.  I would love to hear from you.


The Gallery is in constant flux as new paintings are added, new mediums are included, and new ideas are expressed.

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