Artist's Website Developed By The Sands Mechanical Museum

This artist's site was created by The Sands Mechanical Museum.

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The cost of support and for installing it on your server are dependent on how professional your host is.

We enjoy creating websites, restoring antique coin operated games, and driving fast cars.

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Yes, this is a family run business.

We will be happy to develop websites similar to the ones listed above..  We focus on virtual museums and other educational websites.  We are also capable of developing and running forums, as demonstrated by Finally, we strongly believe in certain design guidelines. You should always find someone who has developed sites that you like. You are much more likely to get the site you want if the developers share your view of the web. We are also happy to discuss why we think the site should look the way it does.

The Sands Mechanical Museum worked with Michelle Droettboom to create the artist's website. The site uses PHP and MySQL to deliver a series of pages showcasing her artwork. The site assembles paintings in a series of albums. These paintings can be sold and an email sent to the artist in order to arrange shipment. The visitor can also view important events and workshop information. There are a series of easy to use administrative pages that are used by the artist to maintain the website. Even the navigation on the right is under the artist's control. Some screen captures of the website are included below. Please let us know if we can be of assistance in creating a similar website for you.

You can contact us by visiting the contact page at the Sands Mechanical Museum or by calling 408-773-1170.

Lynne and Michael, webmasters

Artist Site Screen Shots

album view
purchase image
album administration