Contents of acrylic


201 Patrice

Chirping in the Brambles

198 Chirping in the Brambles


197 Cocky

Transparent Dragonfly

196 Transparent Dragonfly


195 Dream


192 Hiding

Coming and Going

191 Coming and Going

Dancing in the Garden

185 Dancing in the Garden

Guarding Those Babies

181 Guarding Those Babies

Under the Hollyhocks

180 Under the Hollyhocks

Ball of Fluff

179 Ball of Fluff

Just Resting

178 Just Resting

Aquarium on the Wall

177 Aquarium on the Wall

Finches in the Patch

176 Finches in the Patch

I Am Watching You

175 I Am Watching You

Deep in the Woods

173 Deep in the Woods

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