Artist Profile

Michelle Droettboom has been painting and teaching in watercolor since 1995. For over 40 years Michelle worked as a speech-language pathologist focusing on preschool children with Autism during the day, and as an accomplished artist painting during any available minute after her own three children went to bed! Recently retired, it is now time to play, experiment, and create fabulous art! 

Michelle's first love is watercolor. It is loose, wet, and exciting. Painting requires constant decision making, some conscious, some intuitive. It is the same creative dance she used to do in therapy with her children with Autism...constantly asking "what would happen if we tried this?" Michelle feels that everything she has done before gives her the courage to try the new things that come next!" 

Michelle is an enthusiastic teacher in watercolor. Her love of experimentation enables her students to try new ideas and gets the creative energy flowing. Her workshops are entitled "Let's Try That!" Any new idea can provide the basis for the next lesson.  

Michelle often chooses local subjects from the many interesting and exciting places she has lived and traveled. Her loose contemporary style is highlighted by the transparent nature of watercolors. While most of her work is representational, it has an expressive and free-flowing quality that is uniquely her own. 

Michelle has shown an interest and aptitude for various mediums of art throughout her life. Michelle also formed the "Kelowna Gourd Patch" and is using a wide variety of art mediums to turn the gourds from the garden into works of art. But she always returns to watercolor, her first love. 

Michelle Droettboom's work can be found in private collections in Australia, the Bahamas, England, Canada and the United States. Michelle's work has been displayed in art shows and won awards in Canada, the United States and the Bahamas.