Workshop ID#1019 - LET'S TRY THAT! Watercolor Classes

Date: Continuing --Every other week
Time: 1:00 - 4:00 Thursday afternoon
Location: 5352 Winslow St., Kelowna, B. C., V1W 4W3
Fee: $20 per session

Come and join me in my art studio in Kettle Valley, Kelowna, B.C. The classes are designed for anyone new to watercolor, getting back into watercolor, or who would just like to see what this medium is all about. You have to have a bit of courage to just "try that" as we experiment with a new approach during each session. One week we might focus on using a different paper, a new color combination, some masking fluid, or pouring the paint on with a cup rather than a brush! Every session is different and moves along depending on the interests of the current group. We have a good time, don't take ourselves too seriously, and learn a lot about how this wonderful medium of watercolor works.

For this workshop please bring any watercolor paints and brushes you may already have and 140 lb. paper. The materials list below is only a suggestion...if you are close in colors and brushes just bring that. Use what you are comfortable with and gradually you can purchase what you want. Just remember to buy artist quality materials, brushes and paper so whatever you try will be a success for years to come!

FEE: The fee for the class is $20 per session due at each session. However, this is not a drop in. Registration is required and at least one month commitment is necessary. Space is limited so please call me directly at 778-477-4768 to inquire about openings.

Any level artist is welcome. Art is just a series of experiments. It is always exciting to try something different and to be stimulated by others who are experimenting too. I am always fascinated by how unique and exciting each painting turns out from a group of people working from the "same" focus!

Materials Needed:

Please bring to the first class...
-Two full sheets of 140 lb. Arches paper. We will cut the paper into four, six, or eight pieces at your first class. I prefer Arches paper but you can use whatever you decide. If you use other paper bring at least 4 sheets of the size you want and be sure it is at least 140lb. paper.
- A 1 inch chisel watercolor brush (flat with an angle to it); -#8 round watercolor brush; -#2 round watercolor brush. Be sure to buy watercolor brushes that come to a perfect point when wet. Get good brushes.
- Aureolin (yellow), Cobalt blue, Raw Sienna, Alizarin Crimson, Sap Green, Royal Blue. I prefer Holbien paint colors, but Daniel Smith paints are fine, Winsor Newton is also very good. Buy what is on sale, but get good quality paint. You are a student, but you may create something wonderful that you want to keep for years to come! If you already have some paint, then use that! You can try out other colors and makes as you go. You will need some kind of palate with a lid to keep your paint in as you use it in class. I noticed a reasonably priced one at Opus in the "acrylic" paint section.

-one piece of plexi-glass (20 x 25") or cut to about 3" bigger than your biggest paper size all around. (Remember if you buy full sheets of paper we will be cutting it into four when you come.) You will need a sturdy back board to tape your paper to as you paint so that it won't wrinkle and become a hassle for you. Get the plexiglass at the hardware store. We will be using the plexi-glass as a painting platform so a "seconds" piece with scratches will be fine. Plexiglass can be expensive. Buy the least expensive piece you can. You can borrow one of mine if you can't find it right away. Buy some blue painters tape while you are there. Please don't worry about getting these exact materials. Just be sure to bring paper, a hard surface to paint on, brushes, and paint. ALSO: -Pencil, white eraser, water tub (yogurt container etc.)


Sign up by sending me an email using the Registration button below or by calling me at 778-477-4768. I will be able to tell you if there is a permanent opening, a temporary opening, or if you will be on a waitlist. Many of my students have come to my classes over several months. Some go on nice long holidays and I am happy to fill their spaces until they return. As long as you are committed to coming we can keep things more casual. I do not want a drop in format. I plan the lessons and need to know that you plan to attend regularly.

Cancellation Policy:

The assumption is that you are committed to coming for a minimum of one month. Please email or call when you can no longer make the commitment so that I can offer someone else the opportunity to attend.