Assemble the Chassis

Install the knobs and gears into the chassis.  The order of the first gears are important as the gear on the white knob interferes with the removal of the big blue hour gear on the 12 hour dial.

chassis plate

The color of the knobs and the length of the bushing supports are labeled in the above picture

Synchron Motor and gear train

The gear train bolts directly to the chassis.  The motor bolts to the train.  Make sure the gear on the motor is meshed with the train before tightening the screws.

Install the Bushing Supports

rear bushing profile

Note the white disc guide needs to be installed before the bushing supports due to the blocking of the mounting screws.  The bushing supports are not identical.  The depth of the support are different both from the front and the rear.   See the picture below for the depth of the bushing support on the front side.

front bushing profilebushings mountedfront bushings mounted

This is what the chassis looks like with the bussing supports installed from the front and the back.

Installing the Knobs

gold knob assembled

The blue and gold knobs and gears need to be installed first.    The large blue disc that rotates every hour on the 12 hour dial will overlap the blue and gold gears.

blue flywheel

The big blue gear is mounted to the hour nose on the gear train of the Synchron clock mechanism.  There may be a flat on the nose allowing the grub screw show above to be tightened with a long hex wrench.  Note the hole in the circumference that provides access.

Now is the time to adjust the blue and gold knob bushing and tighten it to the chassis.  There is enough play in the mounting holes for the bushing to move it towards and away from the big blue gear, providing a careful meshing of the teeth.  Too tight and the gears will not rotate freely and too loose will allow the gears to miss a tooth occasionally.  Do this by feel as you rotate the gears.  It helps to delay installation of the electric motor thus allowing the gears to rotate easily.

blue flywheel mounted

The front should now have the blue and gold gears as well as the overlapping 12 hour dial blue background.  Note the big gear rotates at the same rate as the hour hand and actually drives the rest of the gears in the clock.