Avoid Atlanta Bulbs, Incorrect Bulbs

I do not like to say bad things about anybody. When a business does not supply a good product or service for a reasonable price, I will just not recommend them.  However occasionally a business or person will not do the right thing and will be dishonest.  They will take your money and supply no product.  When this happens, I want you to know about the way some people do business.  Here is why you should avoid Atlanta Bulbs.

As shown on my Spilhaus Clock pages, the 48A bulb is becoming increasingly difficult to find.  I try to have some extras for sale in case my customers are unable to find them.  Atlanta Bulbs indicated they have them and so I ordered 100 in June 2007. 

Upon arrival the bulbs were not correct and did not meet the specification of the 48A.  You can find the correct specification and configuration on Dons Bulbs website.  The glass was poorly formed, the contacts were not glued to the glass, the filament was not the correct length and was not mounted correctly. Of most concern, the amperage was incorrect and the light provided was not bright enough!  The bulbs were poor reproductions.  With some difficulty, I obtained a return authorization and sent them back.

Atlanta Bulbs did not have any correct bulbs and so credited my account minus a 30% restocking fee, their original shipping costs and a $3.50 handling charge.  Their mistake cost me $47.26.

I complained, indicating it was not my fault the bulbs were incorrect.  I wanted a full refund.  They refused.

During a later conversation, they admitted one of their suppliers had changed the specification from a C-5 filament to a C-7 filament.  However Atlanta Bulbs said the supplier also indicated the bulb was equivalent. 

Atlanta Bulbs admits the bulb was not the same, said it was not their fault their supplier changed the specification, and refused to refund my money.  Effectively Atlanta Bulbs' supplier made a mistake and I had to pay.  Atlanta Bulbs refused to take responsibilty for their supplier's mistake.

You can order bulbs from them. Unfortunately Atlanta Bulbs may send you the wrong bulbs, or their suppliers will and you will have to pay.  This is not the right way to do business.  I will not order bulbs from them and suggest you avoid them as well.

As an aside, do not assume your credit card company will protect you in this situation.  Atlanta Bulbs contested my charge back and lied about the reason for the return.

Should you be interested in the details of the transactions or want to see documentation, please feel free to call me. 

Michael Sands  408-773-1170