Brass Polishing

The bezel and arch over the top are made of brass and tend to discolor with age. This is normal and adds to the patina of an old object. Unfortunately in a moist environment, near the ocean for example, the brass will corrode so badly it will appear a dull, muddy brown.

Many people do not like the dull appearance and prefer the shine of brass.  It is possible to shine up the brass using a buffing wheel.

Once polished, he brass can be left to develop a new patina.  However finger prints, due to the oil naturally present will accelerate the corrosion. 

There are two ways to protect the new, shiny brass.  I prefer to wax the brass but this requires an occasional wax coat as preventative maintenance.

You can use an oil based polyurethane or lacquer clear coat to avoid additional corrosion. The results are variable and may not meet the expectations of the owner.