The Wall of Shame

These are companies that behave badly. I tried to avoid making this page, as I always hoped that companies treating people badly will not survive. However, I decided some of the worst offenders should be described, giving customers a chance to avoid them.

Maha Energy PowerEx MH-C9000 battery charger fails and the company does not offer a discount replacement, problem discovered to be corrosion leaking onto a circuit board.

Global Contact Services calls, representing Bank of America, trying to sell sleazy insurance for all our household electronics.

Best Buy refuses to honour the extended warranty, wanting to substitute a poor quality television because they cannot repair my old one.

Palo Alto Medical Foundation billing and my attempts to be self insured

ApplianceZone sends me the wrong part, is unable to provide the correct part, and then refuses to allow the return of the incorrect part.

Atlanta Bulbs is dishonest. They claim to provide a replacement bulb for the Spilhaus Space Clock.