Appliance Zone Problems

I suggest avoiding this business due to questionable business practices. Do a bit of research, especially with their local Better Business Bureau. They are not honest and refuse to take responsibility.


I ordered a temperature sensor for my cooktop. It has a temperature controlled burner that we like. The sensor was not working and so I duly noted the model and serial numbers and got online to order a replacement.

I was impressed with Appliance Zone's website, especially that they noted the competitions prices. I was a bit surprised that they do not provide any telephone numbers and should have realized this is a danger sign.

I chatted with Alex, provided him with the model and serial number. He left for a bit to research the part, came back and told me what it was. I then ordered the part the next day.

Wrong Part

The part arrived and was incorrect. The wires were yellow and my early model requried the temperature sensor with white wires. There is also a difference in resistance but I did not check the new part.

After a quick chat with a person, I was told to fill out a form to return the part. Here is the response from Michelle. In order to return the incorrect part, I must first order the correct part. This does not make sense to me but since I still wanted the correct part, I proceeded.

Trying to get the right part

I chatted with Kari, trying to get the right part. Here is our exchange.

Final Request to Return Incorrect Part

Kari never responded to the last note so I came to the conclusion that ApplianceZone was unable to supply the correct part. Here is my second attempt to return the incorrect part.

Return Authorization and Delivery Comfirmation

I sent a long note to ApplianceZone and the first one bounced, making me very nervious about their customer service. The second note got a response, including a link to a return authorization. Unfortunately the return authorization tag, to be included on the front of the pacakge included a bunch of small print. The small print indicated that the use of the return authorization tag required I give up all my rights! Instead I copied the information on a printed label and attached it to the front of the package. I have pictures which I will publish later. Anyway, Appliance Zone did not credit my account by the time the bill came and so I have to go through the process of contesting the charge. This pdf provides my credit card company with the necessry information to contest the charge.