image file name: include extension (.jpg)
album folder name
keywords: enumerated, set
ranking enumerated
size horizontal 990 => 2048
size vertical 990 => 1536
f stop
date: yyyy-mm-dd


  1. Fill in only the fields of interest, leave the others as they are.
  2. Entries in Title, Comment, and names will look for something similar


  1. Put in "Michael" in the photographer field to find all the pictures by the author, Michael Sands.
  2. Additionally, pull down the rating to "1" to see only the best pictures.

This is a prototype search capability and was implemented in June 2004. Comments about search criteria, logic, and appearance gratefully accepted. Please contact the author.

Many of the original images were small, around 60K in size. More people now have high speed access to the Internet. As a result, all new pictures will be larger. I will also increase the size of some of the existing images so please let me know the id of the pictures you want improved.

I am uncertain how to handle the date searches. Should it look for a date close to the date, or should I add another date field and look for dates between the two? Is the date format, found internally in MySQL, cumbersome?

There are no exclusions or inclusions in the current capability. You cannot, for example, find all Series 1 pictures that do not have a topic of "Show". Do you miss it?