Lotus marketing was asking for "E" names to name a new car. I wonder what they are working on. I posted the question to the Lotus List and got a nice response from Sean:

From: Sean Lane Date: March 18, 2004 2:33:08 PM PST
To: Michael

Subject: Re: [lotus-cars] finding more E names for Lotus cars

Hey Michael
This may be a little late, but I thought of a few possible names and did some cursory research to make sure they didn't mean anything derogatory.  It would be fun to hear of some of the other names discussed, if you're allowed to pass them on...
Thanks -
Sean Lane

Elara(s) - The 7th largest moon of Jupiter and the 12th in distance from the planet.

Ekes – (could be pronounced e-kes, rather than “eakes”) Practicing strict economy.

Ekaris/Ekaras/Ekeris/Ekarus  -  No meaning found, possible connotation of Icaris?

Escal – no meaning found.

Egile – play on agile.

Erus - master, owner, lord.

Exalto - to raise high.

Excedo - (trans.) to exceed, leave, pass beyond.

Exeo - to withdraw, go forth.

Efflo - to breathe out, blow out.

Eduro - to last endure, persist.

Eris - goddess of discord

Entrata - accession (Italian)

Ermas - ‘fierce, mad’ [Albanian. jerm ‘furious, mad’].

Elete - The eighth of the twelve Horai (Hours), she was the goddess of one of the hourso f afternoon. (greek mythology)

Enyo - Goddess of war and companion of Ares. She was also called Eris.

Eos - Goddess of the dawn. She had an affair with Ares and was cursed by Aphrodite to forever fall in love with mortals - Cephalus, Tithonus, and many others

Eurus - (Euros) The god of the East Wind (or more specifically the South-East Wind).

Emir - A prince, chieftain, or governor, especially in theMiddle East.

Possible names for Grand Tourer:

Entourage - One's environment or surroundings.

Entour – Shorter version of Entourage.

Ecce - Lo! Behold! See! (Italian) pronounced ‘A –Cha’.

Elatus-  one that makes proud or joyful.