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The Sands Mechanical Museum Photographs

Running the Museum requires that we take pictures, lots and lots of pictures. Pictures are taken to illustrate a process or document a mechanical assembly. Pictures can be used to animate various complicated mechanical works. And I used to take pictures for fun many years ago.

The pictures are assembled in albums with each album having a theme and a time period associated with it. For example, a mechanical album might cover the disassembly and assembly of a game. Other later albums might cover the same game but in more or less detail.



You can search for photographs based on comments, album, topic and name. Later, with enough interest, I will add searches on size, camera and other settings.


My first camera was a small bellows Zeiss. It allowed me to set appature and speed. My second camera was a Brownie and I was very unhappy not being able to modify the settings. For graduation, I received a Zeiss Contraflex BC and a telephoto lens. Many of the early pictures taken in the slides album were taken with this camera.

I did some model porfolio work with the Zeiss, setting up a dark room in the bathroom of my apartment. Work got in the way. Later I graduated to a series of Canon cameras such as the AE-1 and the A-1 and really liked my Series 1 70-210mm zoom lens. I especially liked the macro capability. My last film camera was a Canon EOS with two lenses.

I now have a Nikon 990 and 4500. See my humorous anecdote about why I have both.

Soon I will buy a digital single lens reflex camera. I am considering either a Canon Rebel XT or a Nikon D80. I do not feel the Canon lenses I have are very good and will be happy to look for better. Please contact me if you have opinions, used cameras or lenses for sale or if you want to license any of my photographs in exchange for camera equipment.