Lotus Elise: a real sports car.

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A pure sport car.

A featherweight with no unnecessary driver aids that detract from the driving experience.

No dynamic stability management.

No active yaw control.

No electronic brake distribution.

No traction control.

No throttle by wire.

No 4 x 4.

No sequential paddle gearchange.

No power steering.

No power mirrors.

No heated 8-way power seats.

Little in the way of sound deadening materials.

No cruise control.

No cup holders.

Sure, it's small, loud and impractical. If you want quiet, buy a BMW. If you need to haul a lot of stuff, get a van. If you need to stretch out, rent a limo. But if you want to go fast, seriously fast, sit down, strap in, shut up and hang on.

(Note, the Elise does have anti-lock brakes, a topic of concern for some.)