Diary: August 2006

I usually try and autocross or track my car once a month. I can feel myself going a little faster on the street and decide it is time for another event. It is much safer to drive quickly on the track or at an autocross then it is to drive quickly on the street.

I belong to a Club associated with one of the engineering companies in the Valley. They set up the cones once a month on a company parking lot and we generally get four runs with minimal time commitment. The competition is fierce, with the club counting a large percentage of members as former National Champions. A nice group.

I have been running with them ever since my wife worked for the company. I started with the Lotus Seven, the Corvette and the NSX. I consider autocrossing safety training and defensive driving practice. I taught my wife and my daughter to autocross. In fact my wife got so good with her M3 she scared me to death! She was so quick I never thought she was going to make the corner, any corner, but she always did. I had to really provoke her to get a spin out of her.

The picture of me driving with the top off is very unusual. I never(!) take the top off and do so only for a couple of weeks in the spring and a couple more in the fall. Thanks to Stuart, club president, for the pictures.


The sun was shining in the garage and I just liked the way the car was shining. The garage is a mess because I am finishing up some coin operated game restorations, but I took the pictures anyway. I liked the badge picture at the top of the page.

This one is intesting but will not make it into the photo album. Yes, the black curtains were poorly done in Photoshop.