Diary: November 2004

I started this website as a form of education. I figured if we each add a bit of content to the web, it will be a great place to get information. Each one of us knows a little about something. I know a bit about two things, coin operated arcade games and the Elise. So I decided to add as much as I can about those two topics.

The Elise community is very helpful. One of the attributes of a community is its willingness to help. So I started a series of articles as part of my effort to help other Elise owners. I document the maintenance and modifications. One of the more basic maintenance jobs you can perform is the oil change.

Oil Change

Changing the oil on a car is easy and requires few tools. It is a great place for a beginner to start. I wrote the article and added it to my website. I received many compliments and Elise owners indicated it was very helpful. However, over three months later, I got a note from a fellow in the UK, telling me I was supporting the car incorrectly. I placed the rear support through one of the holes in the gas tank sheer panel. There was a sport bracket visible and I thought it was structural. It is the hole just behind where the current jack stand is located.


Every time I drive my car, espeically for any distance, I am constantly struck with some aspect of the experience. These revelations will become the occasional topic of my diary entries.