Diary October 2006

I enjoy long trips in the Elise. I grew up in Washington State, about 800 miles to the North. I still have family there.

I made the trip again this year. I visited my mother in Lacey and my brother and sister in Bellingham. Bellingham is a beautiful place just south of the Canadian border. I would retire in the North Cascade Mountains if I could, but I can not since I married a California girl who is allergic to rain. But I still enjoy the mountain twisties.

I spent the day with my brother. The Elise creates quite an impression at the local college.

As I was waiting for a ferry from Whidbey Island to Port Townsend, a woman approached me and asked if the Elise was my car. Upon answering in the affirmative, she suggested I should visit a fellow in Anacortes. I asked if his name is Bill? Yep, same fellow. I apolgize, Bill, if you reading this. This is the second time I was in your neighborhood and neglected to stop by. I am usually in the area trying to catch an early ferry and always worry I am in the area earlier than normal visiting hours. But your friends are around!

The Elise does fit on a ferry without too much effort.

I stopped by an Antique Hardware store in Port Townsend to inquire about reproducing old pinball bumper caps. The art deco style of building was worth the visit, as show in the picture at the top.

I continued modifying my car. This time I mounted the alarm electronics in a new key produced by BlackWatch Racing. Thanks to Robert, my pockets got lighter and the car faster!