brake pedal adjust

Caution This section includes various modifications made to the Lotus Elise. Do not make these unless you know what you are doing. We accept no responsibility for damage to you or your car.

Adjusting Brake Pedal Height

The push rod length that connects the brake yoke to the brake servo under the access panel can be adjusted. Look for the brake yoke up under the dash, just to the side and behind the top of the brake pedal.

  1. loosen the locknut (17mm)
  2. turn the brake pushrod (10mm) either direction to lengthen or shorten its length
  3. watch the brake stop to see which direction the pedal is moving as you turn
  4. make sure there is at least 3mm distance between the brake stop and the brake pedal
  5. tighten the locknut
  6. adjust the brake light switch

The reason I list the wrench sizes is because space is tight under there and you need to take the wrenches with you. It is impossible to climb in and out.

The brake moves a long distance compared to small turns of the pushrod. If your goal is to match the height of the throttle, then the brake pedal does not need to be adjusted to its full height.

The brake light will need to be readjusted when you are done. There is an explanation elsewhere on how to adjust the brake light switch.

It is very important that the brake pedal is not allowed to return to rest on the brake stop as this will compromise braking ability. The manual says:

  • The pedal is pulled 'off' by an extension spring anchored to a bracket riveted to the scuttle beam.
  • There should be a gap of approximately 3mm between the brake pedal and the pedal box unstop flange with the pedal released. If necessary, adjust he effective length of the pushrod at its connection to the clevis, and tighten the locknut
  • Check operation of the brake light switch.
lotus elise brake pedal adjustment

Note the pedal stop arrow points to a aluminium bracket. There is a rubber grommet that provides the stop as the pedal approaches the bracket. The brake pedal must retract the push rod completely or the brake servo will not operate completely. This is the reason for the required 3mm between the brake pedal stop grommet and the brake pedal itself.