Stock Parts

These pictures serve as a guide to what the stock parts look like and what their function is.

Owners Manual

Lotus Elise air filter from owner's manual

The above is a page from the user's manual and shows the location of the air filter. It is take looking up into the left rear wheel well and shows the wheel liner already removed.

Parts Manual

Lotus Elise intake from the parts manual

This shows the page from the parts manual. It shows the air filter and housing (1,3) in the center, the support bracket (2), and the snorkel (6). The air filter is connected to the mass air flow and air temperature sensor with the fexible tube and clamps (4, 5).

Toyota Manuals

Toyota mass air flow sensor location

The air flow meter is located at one end of the intake, between the air filter and the throttle body.

Toyota mass air flow malfunction Toyota air temperature malfunction

The mass air flow sensor provides information to the engine control unit on both the air flow and the air temperature. These are the two pictures in the diagnostic portion of the Toyota manuals and are the only good pictures of the unit.

Stock Intake and VSV Hose Routing

original house routing for VSV on Lotus Elise

This shows the hose routing for the VSV switch, starting with the line from the intake at the upper left. There are two T connectors with the first having one blocked port.

stock air filter box and intake for Lotus Elise stock air filter housing and intake for Lotus Elise