lugnut comparison

Lugnuts Replacement with BMW Parts

Other people have had problems with the locking lugnuts. The key has a thin wall and cracks under continued use. So I wanted to replace the keyed lugnut. I decided to replace the keyed lugnut and the other three with an equivalent BMW part, the lugnuts from the BMW E36 M3 series.

There is some concern that the conversion to BMW lug bolts will cause problems with the Elise.  There are some reports of bolts loosening with use. 

My thanks to Stan ( for the specifications.


BMW Lotus
size 12 x 1.5 bolts 12 x 1.5 bolts
head 17mm hex head splined (specification?)
weight 2.2 ounces 2.6 ounces
manufacturer BMW Bimecc (Italian)
grade 10.9 10.9
part number 36-13-1-095-390 "213E Wheel Bolt" ?
Lotus Elise and BMW lugnuts