Bear Restoration Help

I had help restoring this Shoot the Bear. The cabinet was in poor cosmetic condition. The gun stand was also in poor condition and suffered additional damage when someone tried to break into the coin box. The wood was splintered along most of the seams. (We are located in the San Jose area of Northern California, USA.)

Mike Sunseri is a wood shop teacher at a local high school and does wood restoration as a hobby. He can be reached at 408-203-1967

Josh Macey was a student of Mike's and is very active painting cars. He finished a full restoration of a Ford Model A and is working on other automotive projects. Josh did the surface preparation and painting for the main cabinet and gun stand. He has his own equipment including an automotive sized paintbooth and can be found here;

Mace Performance & Restoration
2961 Highway 32 Suite #83
Chico, CA 95973

Hung at San Jose Blueprint, a local service bureau, was helpful with the frame output. I created the artwork and did multiple outputs when trying to get the wood texture colors correct. The output was inkjet printed and has a ultraviolet resistant laminate to prevent fading.