How to open your bear:

assembled bear
  1. remove the screws that hold on the legs, colored in pink. Set the legs aside. Note the screws are different, with the rear leg screws having a point. The body actually pivots around the point on the rear screws. (See the picture below, with the blue arrow.)
  2. remove the screws that hold on the head, colored in green. The head can be removed by wiggling it back and forth a bit.
  3. remove the screws that hold on the body, colored in yellow and located at the shoulder and neck of the bear.
    separated legs and body
  4. remove the three screws that hold the body to the frame, that were concealed by the legs and are colored yellow in step two above.
  5. the body can now be lifted off.
    open bear

To assemble the bear:

  1. screw the half of the body to the frame, using the screws that are hidden by the front and rear legs.
  2. push the head on to the flange formed by the body halves.
  3. add the screws that are at the shoulder and neck of the body half.
  4. screw in the wood screws that hold the head on.
  5. screw on the legs, being careful to use the pointed screw for the rear legs and the sholder screw for the fronts.


There are levers that activate the movement of the legs. They are marked in yellow above, in the picture with the body removed. These levers need to fit in the middle of the slot on the inside of the legs, as shown below. There are levers for both front and rear legs. When installed correctly, the opposite side leg will move forward as you move the near side leg backward.

leg slot