Evans Races Restoration

February 2012 Relay Board Disassembly

Evans Races open cabinet

This is the relay board.  The orange tags identify various assemblies with the Evans Races part numbers.  The board looks like a normal Free Play Jackpot Payout model.  The difference between the Payout and Free Play models was the lack of payout tubes in the upper right corner.  These were added as an option, converting the Free Play to a Payout Jackpot model.  See also the automatic conversion description.

Evans Races open front door

The arrow points to the pinball mechanism. The Free Play Jackpot Payout model normally has the pinball mechanism but it was relocated here to make room for a score motor.

Evans Races mechanical drawer from left front

This is the score motor that is occupying the space normally reserved for the pinball mechanism. Notice how it is connected to a plug next to the two counters at the top of the board image above.  In order to convert the game from free play to payout, a jumper plug was inserted into the socket next to the two play counters. The plug was reversed to return the game to free play. 

The owner of this game wanted to be able to convert the game by using a hidden switch.  The score motor is controlled by the switch and rotates to the free play position when the switch is flipped. The score motor then rotates back to the original position when  the switch is flipped back to the original position.  One might imagine the game being on payout until a law enforcement person entered, at which time the proprietor flipped the switch to free play.  When the official left, the owner can flip the switch back, returning the illegal device back to payout play.