finished Genco Official Baseball

Genco Official Baseball Finished

Testing the game was difficult. Since there was no real solution for getting the bases to be run correctly, the question became one of how reliable does the ball action need to be.

I spent several hours testing various features when I was investigating the game and when I was fabricating the gates. After assembly I spent additional time checking the shooter and ball lift, making sure the front door closed correctly and the lock worked. I spent additional time testing the three outs locking mechanisms and the anti-cheat pins. I check all of these again once the game is assembled completely.

I played it for several hours and created a "punch list" or a list of adjustments that were needed.

  1. the lock was upside down
  2. the lock down bar was not screwed to the body and so could be lifted (I forgot!)
  3. the lift hole guard needed to be fabricated
  4. leg levelers needed to be installed and tested
  5. the three out pin was a fraction too long
  6. missing tilt cup surround (not fixed)

I fixed the problems and declared the game finished!

The fun part is letting the rest of the family play it! The game proved to be very difficult. There are few opportunities for getting on base compared to outs or fly balls.

Note also that for the beginner, this game is unforgiving. A hard shot will always(!) drop into the out hole as the ball arcs across the top, bounces off the spring, and drops down to the gate, which feeds the ball to the upper right out hole. Note there is no bounce back spring on the right side.

The game is different from the Rockola World Series. It does not keep track of balls and strikes. It does attempt to track the player on the bases. The game should be a challenge for the new owner for some time and is a stunning piece of furniture.

top off center of Official Baseball
Genco Official Baseball
Genco Official Baseball