Best Buy Problems with Television Extended Warranty

June 3, 2011

Best Buy Co., Inc.
7601 Penn Ave S.
Richfield, MN 55423

300 South Riverside Plaza
Chicago, IL 60606-6613

Dear Sir or Madam;

I am writing to complain about the administration of the Performance Service Plan that I purchased when I bought my television from Best Buy. After much research and deliberation, I bought a 55 inch JVC LCOS television on June 10, 2011. The salesman also sold me the extended Performance Service Plan, provided by AIGWG, covering my television for four years.

About a year ago, the display developed some problems with dark smudges on the screen. A call to the Best Buy Service brought a knowing explanation, and a promise to order the light engine and then schedule a call to replace it. A later call indicated the light engine was no longer available and that I should exchange the TV. A visit to the store provided a list of replacement televisions, all of lesser quality.

The suggested replacements were cheap off-brand labels with poor warranty records. A quick look at the reviews, consumer reports, and online sources showed the poor quality of the replacements. JVC and Sony were premier brands when I bought my television and were known for quality displays. Toshiba, LG, and Dynex are all off brands with known quality problems.

I wanted my current television repaired which would cost me nothing. Best Buy wanted me to spend an additional $600+! I discussed this with the salesperson, manager (Hayden Craig), and a person on the Customer Care telephone. All understood my request but were not authorized to solve the problem. My phone number, to access the transaction, and the store's address are included below.

The terms and conditions state the following:

"Products, including those within the original manufacturer's warranty period, may be replaced with a new or rebuilt comparable product that meets the manufacturer's specification of the original product, or you will receive a reimbursement ( including but not limited to a check, voucher or gift card ) in the amount equal to the original product's purchase price at our discretion."

Since Best Buy no longer carries a product with similar technology, it will be difficult to demonstrate that the replacement products, "meet(s) the manufacturer's specification of the original product." I request you fix my current television or supply a check equivalent to the original purchase price, $1599 plus tax.

Please respond to this letter within two weeks. Should I not get an acceptable response, I am prepared to do the following:

1. contact the Better Business Bureau, local television and newspapers about my problems.
2. add my gripe to any number of websites that are complaining about Best Buy customer service. (I was surprised at how many of these there are!)
3. Add a page to my website, where I have a Wall of Shame, chronicling poor customer service and my interactions. You can see this letter and any further communications here:
4. File suit in small claims court.

The television was purchased at the Best Buy store 685 in Sunnyvale.


Michael Sands