proActive is the official industry newsleter of Lotus Engineering. This is issue 1, March / Aprils 2004

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Lotus Engineering Unleashes Suspension Analysis
The Chinese are Coming


USA: Hybrids, fuel cells figure in NAIAS 2005
USA: Michelin Tweel combines wheel and tyre in one.
Strong December boosts Europe's 2004 new car sales total
Rising electronics content and the outsidanding 42v question
The Chinese are coming.


Lotus Engineers create their ultimate motorcycle.
Lotus Engineering unleashes Suspension Analysis (LSA)
The future role of vehicle dynamics.
Lotus Tehcnology combats louder ineteriou of the moder car
Focus on vehicle dynamics suits Lotus Engineering.

Lotus engineers show their breadth while designing the perfect motorcycle.

lotus vehicle dynamics

There is an article about the Bose Suspension and revisits Lotus active suspension work.

There is also an extensive article about LSA, the Lotus Engineering Suspension Analysis that is now available.