suspension modifications

One of the main reasons I like the Seven is because of the handling. Making it even better continues to be one of my main objectives. The front suspension was done with parts from Prince Racing. Their workmanship is excellent. I should have it powder coated.

Seven Suspension
  1. This bracket uses the same mounting holes as the aluminum pillow blocks. It supplies the sway bar mount and the forward link on the upper A arm. There is a nyliner bearing for the sway bar. The sway bar is hollow.
  2. The original rear link on the upper A arm is retained. However there is a spherical joint is welded onto the casting! Note the slots cut into the tube to gain surface area. This adjustment allows camber adjustment. Colin is turning in his grave! A customer adjustable alignment!
  3. Since the original upper link is retained, the forward tube of the A arm goes through the same place the original sway bar does. Only now there is a solid cone that appears the same as the original bush and holds the arm.
  4. The sway bar link is adjustable along the length of the sway arm.
  5. The lower A arm is reinforced with a cross bar to prevent the A arm from spreading and coming off the forward mount.

I have also added spherical bearings to the rear differential housing, along with reinforcing the mounting tabs. (Read elsewhere about the misfortunes of over tightening the original joint.)

The original differential was replaced with a Quaife torque sensing differential. This makes all the difference in getting all the new power to the road. It even helps push the car around the corner as the outside tire gets most of the torque.

The tires, not shown above, were Yokohama A008 Rs tires with autocross rubber compound. These sticky tires helped the car achieve 1.25 gees lateral acceleration, measured by a G Analyst. Current tires are Yokohama A032 and do not generate the lateral gees of the A008.

The last contact I have for Pat Prince Engineering is:

Pat Prince Engineering
1880 Eastwood
Sterling, IL 61081

JAE supplies parts for Lotus cars: