What Happens:

Each coon is climbing a tree. Upon reaching the top of the tree, the coon hides behind the tree and decends to the bottom. Once at the bottom, the coon will pop out on either the left or the right hand side and start climbing the tree again.

When shot, the coon's eyes light up and his tail sticks straight out. He whines. Then the coon falls a short distance and disappears behind the tree. It will not move again, playing dead, until either the other coon reaches the top of his tree or the player shoots the gun again.

When a coon is shot, the corresponding eye of the owl in the right tree lights up. The left eye of the owl lights when the left coon is shot and the right eye lights for the right coon. The moon lights up and shows the face of the man-in-the-moon every time a coon is hit.

The whining sound the coons make is different. The right coon makes a higher pitched sound. Unfortunately the way the electronics are implemented, the left coon will make the right coon's sound if he is shot when the right coon is behind his tree. The sound switch is connected to the mechanicals of making the right coon decend.

The number of hits is recorded in the top display. The player is awarded a title depending on how well he or she scores. A Marksman is awarded if the player scores between 14 and 16 hits, Sharpshooter for a score of 17 or 18, and Expert if the score is 19 or 20.

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