Paces Races and Evans Races Patents

patent drawing of Paces Races

Patents for Paces Races describe the major components of the game, in particular the pneumatic mechanism that advances the horses. Evans later replaced the payout mechanis with electronic stepper mechanisms and added some features to further randomize the horse racing pattern.  The patents are all in pdf format.

USD95449 Design Patent for Paces Races, April 30, 1935 (50KB)

US2030712 Patent for a hidden payout drawer, February 11, 1936 (196KB)

US2050542 Patent for friction drive, used to drive the paper roll and still allow it to stop while reset is happening, August 11, 1936 (117KB)

US2098410 Full patent for Paces Races as a complete game, November 9, 1937 (1.17MB)

Musser Patents

antique auto

Clarence W. Musser developed the brake for the horse mechanism. It prevents the horse from going backward, even as the ratchet bar returns to its original position. The several patents were all improvements on the original design. The links below are to PDF of the actual patents.

2046178 Racing Amusement Device, June 30, 1936 (341KB)

2062371 Racing Amuseument Apparatus, December 1, 1936 (206KB)

2098809 Racing Amusement Device, November 9, 1937 (246KB)

2113278 Racing Amuseument Mechanism, April 5, 1938 (152KB)

Miscellaneous Patents

2155929 Score Registration Device, August 21, 1936 by C. J. Breitenstein (290KB)