First Shadows

map lit

The map is installed and the shadow shows the sun is at the equator or half way.

Notice the differences between the map on the left and the one on the right.  The map actually consists of three full images of the world.  This particular map has two segments showing the topological terrain and one segment showing the geopolitical boundaries.   The dividing line between the two is the international date line and the window in the bottom of the map shows the day of the week is Wednesday on the left and Tuesday on the right.

back of the map

This shows the back of the map, with two segments.  Each segment has a day of the week window at the international date line.  The bottom red and blue tape shows the date while the top tape shows the time of day.  The top tape is stationary and the world map scrolls past.


The location of the sun is shown as a lit dot.  Later it was adjusted closer to the map, providing a brighter and more focused position.

side installed

The side panels are installed first on the frame.


In general, the engineering is amazing.  However there are some quirks like this stick on tread material used to space the front panel out away from the map and date tape.

finished Geochron

Here is the completed map, showing the approximate date the restoration was finished, February.  The plaque in the upper right shows the date the Geochron was originally refurbished by the company in 1995 and identifies the clock as a Kilburg model.  It also provides a new serial number.  The dial in the upper right shows the minutes of the hour and the lower left shows the month and date. 

clamp on tension rollers

The Geochron hang above the Evans Races horse race machine.

Disassembly is the reverse of assembly.


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