Series 1 Elise

(The pictures of real cars can also be seen in the picture section.)


  • Chris Smith drive an early Federal Elise prototype with the Toyota engine.
  • Dave Roche responds to the question about Lotus badge recognition
  • Rob LaMoreaux compares the old and the new Elise to a blond and a brunette
  • Robert Collingridge provides a list of problems and recalls.
  • Laurence wrecked his Elise.
  • Steve Brightman talks about Elise marketing
  • Geoff talks about the first year of ownership and use as a daily driver
  • Andrew talks about using an Elise as a daily driver
  • Gunther talks about using an Elise as a daily driver as well.
  • Gunther writes in February 1997
  • a fellow eclectic car nut, CitroMike, tallks about his first drive.
  • Jon Pippard talks about shock noise and problems
  • Jon Reade talks about his first drive.
  • Another person who's opinion I respect, gets to drive the car, and here Ian Peters talks about it.
  • Kiyoshi Hamai describes the Elise appearance at Log16 (see pictures)
  • AJ Finch has pictures and a removable steering wheel